Social Justice and How You Can Contribute to Change Right Where You Are.

1. What would you do to help other people have a better understanding of ‘freedom’?

Some countries believe in freedom and democracy. They have the freedom to be who they choose to be, think the way they want to feel and act the way they want to act. However, some countries have no idea of what it means to be free and share freedom in its political genre. Take Burma or North Korea for example. Burma is ruled by the military regime, where the social freedom of its people is doomed and North Korea, being communist, represses its people in harsh ways also. You cannot do or think a certain way. Your values and rights of speech are not embraced or encouraged.

We can help people identify freedom through giving them a better understanding through the following strategies:

Strategy 1

Knowledge of the ‘outer world’ and its political genre, from one’s own, helps one to understand and truly appreciate what it is to live in the western world such as the USA, Australia or Canada.

When you inform people of the struggles from nations outside of their own, it truly gives them, 1) A sense of knowledge and understanding of other cultures and their value and 2) A new awakening and appreciation for their own nation’s freedom.

Strategy 2

We must also be able to empower others to Identify their current and existing knowledge of ‘freedom’. We should be able to extract the person’s knowledge, feelings, values and thoughts of freedom and what this means to them.

Once we can identify their standing point, then and only then are we able to gravitate to their level and bring them up to having a further understanding. But to reach beyond their knowledge, we must first meet them at their level.

2. How would you come about solving a ‘present social issue’ of today?

There are many theorists and methodologies today that assist in applying modern day techniques toward social issues. Modern day social issues are so vast and range right from human rights issues, child soldiers, child prostitutes, poverty, freedom of speech, civil rights and many more.

Martin Luther King, Mother Theresa, Aung San Suu Chi, Nelson Mandela are only a few leaders over the course of history that have impacted some of these afore-mentioned social justice issues. All have different opinions, ethnic backgrounds and societal upbringing, however, each share a common cause- Social Justice and Freedom.

In my opinion, the solution to any social justice cause must adhere to the identification of the following elements:

1) Identification of the social issue.

2) Research the social issue:

Fully understand the issue that you are working with and discover the core elements, the roots that are the cause to the issue. See where the issue arises not only in your part of the world, but world-wide. See how countries all around the world are affected by this social issue.

Understand its implications toward society and everything in it- people (family dynamics), culture and customs, the workforce, housing and the education system.

3) Research common links:

Research past and present leaders that have impacted this issue. Look at political, social and human right figures that share a common cause to bring freedom and justice to this issue. Identify what they share in common? Look at ways to continue supporting the cause and ways to continue leaving a legacy for world-wide nations to support and for future nations to follow.

4) Identify your cause:

Dig deep into your soul and God-given talents, skills, abilities and passions and pray for discernment and wisdom on how to best utilize your tools. Use them in the geographical location that you feel called to- either in your city or out of the state or country.

5) Add to what already exists

Work from what already exists to contribute to the issue, be solidified and strongly grounded in knowledge of the issue, then- ‘reinvent’ the wheel or add to what already exists.

Add YOU to the ingredients and create something that will enhance current legalities, policies and procedures.

Leave your legacy behind and BE the change you want to see within this social issue.

3. What is your ‘purpose’ and what do you feel is your assignment on this earth?

My purpose is to MAKE a difference. BE the difference. Leave a LEGACY behind.

The only way to be the difference is to:

Firstly identify your calling, passions and abilities and then USE them in the area that God has called you. He has called me to educate the ‘world’ on multi-culturism, or as I like to call it- World Culturisation.

I have officially written my first book- Soulful Journeys and that was the beginning of what God called me to do- educate children all over the world about other cultures- in particular Asia. My passion is to educate through my soulful journeys that I have really lived and encountered, in dedication to my best friend Muna Rahman.

Each journey will teach children two things: 1) Culture and 2) An appreciation for other cultures.

I want to spread the message of hope, love and friendship, through hardship and cultural travels.

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