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Watch our recent webinar:

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Watch our recent session on Culturally Responsive Instruction in a Blended Learning Environment:

Developing a culturally responsive classroom is key in nurturing positive student-teacher relationships, and creating opportunities for all students to connect, relate, and engage in instructional content.  

The webinar outcomes for viewers focus on:

  • Key strategies and ideas that can be implemented into their teaching and learning practices straight away, that will encourage student discussion, inspire dialogue, and encourage student voice

  • A strengthened cultural connection between teachers and their students

  • Empowering and inspiring teachers to create and facilitate a welcoming, affirming and inclusive classroom climate and culture, and integrate culturally responsive elements into their curriculum


This recorded edWebinar will be of interest to teachers, librarians, and those in leadership roles who strive to create culturally responsive environments in a K-12 blended learning setting.

Some feedback from our attendees!


"Very informative and an eye-opener."

"So much information and ALL of it was excellent!"


"I enjoyed this webinar because it did a great job of enhancing diversity, cultural sensitivity and it made me think and reflect on my teaching practices. I love the statement of preparing our students for an ever changing world. I can be a part of my students' journey by introducing them to culturally relevant trade-books and materials that provide them with the opportunities to learn about other cultures."


"I appreciate the real-world examples and how I can use them in my classroom.  I am grateful for the focus on social justice teaching and learning."


"The program was very informative and engaging. Great resources and strategies were provided that are very helpful in delineating what a culturally responsive classroom should look like."


"They provided a lot of different helpful resources! Loved it!"

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