Living with Love and Passion

What’s going on in the world? All around the world, Amsterdam, Japan, South Africa, Philippines, France and beyond, there are so many different places and cultures. What’s happening in between the four walls we live in? Do we recognize the streets we take to get to a destination?

An awakening needs to happen in the Western world. People of all nations need to be discovered. Each society has something to offer the world. Too many people are in their comfort zones, too scared to venture out into the outer world and explore amazing cultures that are awaiting them. If only people took one look outside their cramped box, they would discover that there lies an ocean of exotic sea life, a village with extraordinary people, resources and historic sites as well as unfamiliar to unfamiliar to tantalize the taste buds.

From one soul to another, let it be known that the ability to walk the streets of a foreign land includes the surrender and humility of a courageous soul. This encounter in turn opens the flood gates to the picturesque views of small children who still wear traditional clothing, a language that so sweetly rolls off their tongue, to communicate in a way that can only be understood by another, and whom understands the importance of embracing and capturing the untold stories that can be heard through the unique sounds of language.

Everywhere people are in search of something! We have EVERYTHING at the foot of our doorstep. We don’t need to look for it. It’s right there before us. Do you fail to see it? We only really need to understand ONE thing- we all have a need for LOVE, and collectively we can share that, give it and make a change.

Fly to greater heights, spread the love and share your passion with others. No matter where you go, what culture you visit, share a piece of who you are and go beyond to extend a hand of LOVE and PASSION in ABUNDANCE.

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