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Education is the most powerful tool we can provide to change the world. Education empowers, awakens the mind, develops critical thinking and social & emotional skills, enhances literacy skills, reduces poverty, and helps prevent disease.

Our Purpose


Minds Beyond Measures (MBM) mission is to partner with schools and organizations around the world, to promote access to educational equity, and to inspire and empower teachers and young people, through Creative Arts and Cultural Competency Programs, Transformational Coaching and Professional Development, all while cultivating great Minds Beyond Measure. 

What We Can Do for You:


MBM's mission, to inspire and empower young people and educators while cultivating minds beyond measure, is accomplished through focusing on three pathways that use a sustainable model which supports individual transformation and organizational change:  

1) Supporting educators and leaders through transformational coaching, professional development and teacher training, to develop sustainable and effective pedagogical practices, improve the quality of teaching and in turn, improve student outcomes.

2) Mentoring children and youth through Creative Arts and Cultural Competency programs to foster holistic growth and development, and nurture social, emotional and cognitive well-being. 

3) Bridging the educational gap that exists in underserved communities across New York City and beyond, as well as impoverished nations around the world, through providing teacher training, professional development, children and youth development programs and educational resources, to provide all students with equitable access to education.



 Build teacher's confidence and strengthen pedagogical practices.

Inspiring, empowering and cultivating in children and youth: cultural competency, resilience, leadership, critical-thinking, social and emotional skills to prepare them for life.

Teaching English


Supporting, empowering and developing teachers while transforming school cultures around the world.  Our sustainable coaching model focuses on building relationships and aligning to a schools' vision and goals, to  create long term impact, strengthen teaching effectiveness, to improve student outcomes.

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